The Evidence Proves It: Science is a Valued Subject at BWS

Posted by: Laura Crandall   -   Posted in: Science- Mar 14, 2012 Comments Off

Mr. Tiny steps on the scales for science with the assistance of second grade students Cap and Tristan.

$20,000 was our Fund-A-Dream goal at last Saturday’s Gala Auction and Dinner. We met that goal easily, with much enthusiasm on the part of our guests, who raised their bid cards to enhance our science program. It’s exciting to see so much support for our school’s continued growth. Over the last two years, our auction guests have contributed to renovating our grade school and kindergarten playgrounds, and we’ve created playgrounds that keep all of our students involved in healthy play and movement during recess or outdoor time.

This year, the focus of our auction was science. We have extensive plans to renovate a large classroom space and build a custom-designed science room. Architectural plans are being drawn up as of this writing, and boxes of science equipment have been ordered. But our science enhancement isn’t just about a room and some equipment. It’s a commitment to continual professional development, and to widening our students’ experiences. As a result of this funding, several of our grade school faculty will take part in science training this summer at Sound Circle Teacher Training. Our faculty are committed not only to the training this summer, but to engaging in science trainings, both locally and nationally, as a regular and continual part of professional development. In other words, our commitment to building our science program is ongoing, and not just a theme that is featured for this year. One of our goals is to host a regional science fair for area schools, not exclusively Waldorf schools.

If you contributed to our auction this year in any way, thank you! If you’d like to contribute to our school or specifically to our science endeavor, it’s easy to do so by clicking on the ‘support our school’ button to the right.

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